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IgniteU NY and 3D Printing - THIS THURSDAY IS PACKED

Two quick items for your consideration and participation! First of all, from Elyssa Stewart of NYSTEC and IgniteU NY:

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Instructables & Elections

June is here, and the excitement is building for our move to the Quackenbush!

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Access Control, Safety Training and...

THINQubator! We're in the LAST TWO DAYS of the campaign to equip the THINQubator, so if you've been holding out, or haven't mentioned this to everyone on the planet yet, NOW IS THE TIME.

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Making in MAY!

GOOD NEWS! Another milestone in the Quackenbush project has been reached with the closing on the construction loan, which means the project will now ROAR forward at full throttle.

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THINQubator Campaign is LIVE!!!

It’s official, the IndieGoGo is live and we need YOUR support to make the first day a big one! Please share, share, share. The social media links and other important links are below. In order to make this campaign successful and get media coverage, we need to raise the first 30% and quickly.

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THINQubator Crowdfunding starts TOMORROW!

Hey Everyone!

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Hackathon this Saturday and other items

This coming Saturday (April 18th) from 11am - 4pm will be the hackathon in support of the AT&T Tech Valley Civic App Challenge (details are at ).


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